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Three UNGODLY Forces Destroying America

Nearly everyone in America knows that our nation, and the entire world for that matter, is overcome with major economic catastrophes. There are three huge forces, any one of which could drastically change our way of life. But, when put together they threaten the our most cherished American values. Socialism, pagan spirituality and pragmatism have come together over the last several decades to produce a violent catastrophe waiting to happen.

  • Socialism demands the redistribution of wealth and private property through an all powerful, freedom robbing government.
  • Pagan spirituality embraces the worship of nature along with a multitude of occult practices and beliefs. . . . All UNGODLY!
  • Pragmatism proclaims that the truth or worth of an idea is based solely upon the results it brings. Pragmatists believe that truth is relative, situational and that the desired end justifies ANY means required to reach it.

All three of these EVIL and UNGODLY political, spiritual and intellectual systems have taken a dominant place in the American world view.

IF we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. There are many today who compare the evil goings-on in America to those in pre-Nazi Germany of the 1930s. Do you think it possible that our government is ready to establish concentration camps? Things going on in our government leave much to be desired. We are not told much by our elected officials. Our public policy, laws, and national consciousness bear a frightening resemblance to what has gone before in history.

Adolph Hitler established the National Socialist German Workers' Party. He also bought about what could be called a One World Spirituality . . . merging together three world views of evolution, Hindu pantheism, and occultism . . . ALL OF THE DEVIL!

Similarities Between America and Nazi Germany

Please consider the following, to help you decide where we stand today. I DO believe that there are many goings-on in today's America that clearly reveal just how intense the storm is that is almost here! I DO believe there are many comparisons with the growth of Nazism in Germany and today's America. I also believe that before a bad storm, we are given warnings.

  1. In 1935, Hitler stopped prayers in schools. In 1962, The U.S. Supreme Court outlawed school prayer.
  2. Hitler abolished Christian holidays in the schools by calling Christmas "Yuletide." Most American public schools now call Christmas vacation a "winter break."
  3. Hitler took Easter out of schools and instead honored that time of year as the beginning of spring. It has likewise become common for schools in America to refer to time off at Easter as "spring break."
  4. Hitler controlled the church using scare tactics and threats. U.S. Senator and Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Baines Johnson, promoted a bill that included an amendment to use the Internal Revenue Service to remove the non-profit status of a church that speaks against the election of any specific political candidate.
  5. Hitler enticed thousands of pastors to promote paganism in their congregations. Churches teaching "Word-Faith" and "Self" and "Seeker Friendly" churches are the fastest growing churches in America. Many practice paganism such as "Christian" yoga, contemplative prayer, and walking a labyrinth. Over half of "evangelicals" do not believe Jesus Christ is the only way to God.
  6. Hitler was an environmentalist and vegetarian. Marriages performed by the Nazi state frequently included blessings of "Mother Earth" and "Father Sky." Today Americans increasingly accept ungodly environmentalism, pantheism and the New Age celebration of Earth Day.
  7. Hitler was fascinated with eastern mysticism. Today MANY American pastors encourage their followers to become "mystic warriors".
  8. Hitler believed in reincarnation. More Americans are accepting the damnable heresy of reincarnation as well as good and bad karma.
  9. Hitler killed between 8 and 11 million Jews and non-Jews. Americans have killed an estimated 50 million babies since abortion was legalized through the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973. According to a July 7, 2008 article on worldnetdaily.com "An abortionist who claims to have destroyed more than 20,000 unborn children and who once was Hillary Clinton's OB-GYN says he is doing 'God's work' when he terminates a pregnancy…He admits that abortion kills a human soul." http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=69054/l . . .http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Evils%20in%20America/Abortion%20is%20Murder/holocaust.htm
  10. Hitler killed 270,000 handicapped people through euthanasia. America and the courts are heading the same way with the murder of individuals such as Terri Schiavo. http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Disturbing%20Truths/terri_schiavo-tortured_to_death.htm Oregon voters passed their Death with Dignity Act in 1994 and re-affirmed it in 1997. Washington state voters legalized doctor-assisted suicide on November 4, 2008. In December 2008, a Montana judge ruled terminally ill residents of that state have the right to physician-assisted suicide, and "death with dignity" is gaining acceptance in other states as well.
  11. By 1938, all private schools were abolished by Hitler and all education placed under Nazi control. There is constant pressure here in America from federal and state education authorities to demand that Christian schools use state-mandated, humanistic textbooks. The Home School Legal Defense Association is fighting many battles to keep parents from loosing the right to educate their children as they see fit. In August 2008, a federal district court ruled that the state of California university system may choose NOT to recognize the diplomas, and thereby deny college entrance to any students who attended a school using textbooks that express a Biblical world view in the areas of history and science . . . meaning Christian schools. Open your eyes people!
  12. Hitler stopped rebels from using radio to challenge his view. Many powerful liberals in America have made clear their intent to reintroduce the "Fairness Doctrine" that would require conservative and religious radio stations to offer equal time to anti-Christian, anti-conservative views.
  13. Pastors who spoke against Hitler's world view and his murderous regime found themselves on trial and frequently imprisoned for "Abuse of Pulpit." In America, hate-crime legislation has the potential to criminalize pastors and Christians who say that homosexuality is a sin.
  14. Many Christians in Germany justified their allegiance to Hitler thinking that "Their duty to God was spiritual; their duty to the state was political." Many American "Christians" now have bought that same lie . . . that their world view can be divided between the secular and the sacred. The politician has one area of responsibility, the pastor another, and never shall the two meet. WHAT does the Bible say? To turn our back on God in any way is APOSTASY!
  15. Hitler forbid the cross, replacing it with the swastika. Many court cases sponsored by the ACLU have demanded the removal of the cross from public grounds. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that the Ten Commandments cannot be posted on public grounds for religious purposes. And worse . . . many churches today in America, and also Christian colleges, and universities have WILLINGLY removed the cross from their buildings.
  16. Hitler was fascinated with Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche promoted Nihilism, the belief that life has no meaning, and he is best known for his position that "God is dead". . . . Sound familiar? Today, Nietzsche is one of the most widely read authors by American college students.
  17. Hitler made the most of the economic collapse of Germany to take over as dictator and usher in socialism. America's financial crisis has given liberals in BOTH political parties the opportunity to grow the size of government and implement freedom robbing socialism. Pat Robertson is right in there with them. www.worldlychaos.org/w_c_1_false_teachers_pat_robertson.1.htm http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Evils%20in%20Government/Communism/pat_robertson.htm . . . http://www.prisonplanet.com/pat-robertson-promoter-of-socialism-abortion-infanticide-and-climate-change-hype.html
  18. In Germany, pastors often cited Romans 13:1-2 to encourage Christians to obey the Nazis. Today in America, many pastors have a demonic view of Romans 13:1-2 and have convinced millions that to disobey governing authorities is to disobey God.
  19. Germans accepted socialism to avoid pain. Today's Americans are rejecting capitalism in exchange for government sponsored "free" healthcare, education, and countless other government handouts.

Can you see the storm brewing? Do you see the apathy, the could care less attitude, political correctness, Biblically illiterate "Christians" and apostasy? ALL these MUST be replaced with a love for God and a passion for Biblical TRUTH and standing firm in your stand for Jesus!

We must lovingly defend and proclaim the TRUTH in this world Hell bound and Hell bent on political correctness and anti-Bible and anti-God! IF we do NOT take a firm stand, that violent storm will blow us away! BEWARE!!!

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