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Satanic Foundation


Everything I will mention here, can be backed up by magazines, news media, our culture and just common sense! All these things are taking place right before our very eyes! Even a blind person can SEE it!

Government officials and members of the media are trying to convince Americans to legalize drugs. At first, the public will be shocked and outraged. BUT, the outrage soon quiets down and then it shall be gradually accepted!

So, just as in the case of abortion, a compromise will be reached that will legalize drugs, first in a limited way; for medical reasons! Soon, in just a few years, American public opinion will have been changed sufficiently to allow for ever-wider legalization. Look at all the high ranking government officials who have used drugs in the past, and then consider how many of them are STILL using drugs! Getting people to go along with limited acceptance is the key! My friend, that is fatal! Again, just as with abortion, it will open that firmly-shut door just a little bit. That tiny beginning gets people to think: "Maybe it's not that bad." How bad is the current drug problem? Just turn on the news! It will grow much worse once our system legalizes drug abuse.
I spoke to a friend in Louisiana last night. She said that Lafayette has legalized drugs there.


As we all know, TV, Newspapers and Magazines strongly support public acceptance of homosexuality. TV shows, movies, and articles in printed media consistently present the homosexual lifestyle as suitable and is just an alternative lifestyle. Today the "gay" lifestyle IS accepted everywhere! The Bible says it is an "abomination." BUT . . . soon there will be hate crime laws AGAINST Bible believing Christians! They will NOT be allowed to say homosexuality is a sin. Just remember this: the Bible speaks VERY clearly on Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 18:16-19:29).

God is VERY clear when He says homosexuality is an "abomination" to Him (Lev.18:22; 20:13; Rom.1:26-27; 1 Cor.6:9-10; Jude 1:7; Rev.21:8), and anyone who does NOT turn away from this sin will NOT go to Heaven!

Can these people be forgiven by God? Absolutely! God can and will forgive ANY sin . . . IF the person repents and turns away from it (Acts 2:37-40). The grace of God is greater than any sin (Rom.3:23-24; 5:20-21; Gal.2:16; Eph.2:7-8; Tit.2:11-12; 3:7; 1 John 1:9).

Heterosexual Adultery

The Media today are trying to convince Americans that traditional Christian values governing heterosexual relationships is way out-of-date. Adultery is not wrong according to most people today. Fornication is not wrong according to most people today. TV sit-coms have couples living together without being married, even raising children together. People just do not think there is anything wrong with this. My friend . . . it is WRONG in God's eyes! To God it is SIN! It is SIN! (Mat.5:27-28; Rom. 13:9; 1 Cor.6:9; 2 Pet.2:14). God does NOT change! His laws are NOT out of date!

Today's unbelieving world is devoted to the advancement of single life-style . . . but worse yet, they belittle the Christian stay-at-home mother. Newspaper articles show real-life situations where men and women, living together without being married, appear happy and prosperous. They NEVER consider that one day they shall stand before Judge Jesus and TRY to explain!

Sexual Perversions

Pornography is common in today's world! Video rental stores carry a wide range of X-rated videos, magazines are available at your drugstore, and cable TV now is showing X-rated movies. XXX rated stores selling their wares are found everywhere along the Interstate highways, luring truckers and any other sick-os to stop. Recently a news cast said that parents could show pornography to their children. What a crying shame! Media is now running many articles on real-life stories of sexual perversions. Yesterday on the news (3-4-11), a professor at a major college had a couple perform sex acts after one of his classes. No one was required to stay, but I am certain the room was full. Talk about SICK! To me, that is NOT education . . . that is pornography!


Americans are being convinced by our government that Individual Euthanasia is a God-given right which society should protect and advance. THAT IS NOT TRUE! The BIBLE does NOT tell us that! God says: "Thou shalt NOT kill" . . . and that means: YOU SHALL NOT MURDER . . . ANYONE! (Ex.20:13; Deut.5:17; Mat.5:21; Rom.13:9). There are six billion people on an Earth already, and the New Agers say the Earth can only support two billion people. SO . . . what is the New Age answers to this 'horrible' over-population of the Earth?

  • Abortion On Demand: Every abortion prevents the population of the Earth from getting larger.
  • Birth Control: TV, newspapers and magazines of all types are clearly presenting birth control in a manner which advances the over-population agenda. The basic idea is that teens and adults WILL have immoral sexual activity, no matter what anyone says. SO . . . this inevitable activity should be made as safe as possible, to prevent both disease and conception. This is an ungodly approach and it shall be JUDGED! Very few articles or TV shows EVER show that abstinence before marriage or loyalty within marriage is an option. Sexual immorality is readily accepted by today's unbelieving, heathen population, just as long as you are not caught!
  • Euthanasia: Even thought the government vehemently denies that there is anything in that Obama Health Care Bill that would cover this, I think that there is! And I think that the first to go will be the elderly, the sick and the retarded people. This is simply MY opinion!

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