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God Always Deals With Israel and the Church Separately

Don't forget this one great truth about Bible prophecy, that is that God never deals with Israel and the Church at the same time. In the Old Testament God dealt with Israel; but in the New Testament God is dealing with the Church. Whenever God deals with His earthly chosen nation, then He is NOT dealing with the Church. God set aside Israel in the Old Testament because of her spiritual harlotry. We are now living in the Church age (the age of grace, Rom.6:14), in the “Times of the Gentiles” (Luke 21:24). In the Tribulation Period, God will once again deal with Israel.

This to me, gives further proof that the Church will be taken out of the world BEFORE the Tribulation period, which is a time when God will deal once again with Israel. The Church will NOT go through the Tribulation, nor even half-way through the Tribulation. She shall be removed from God’s wrath BEFORE the Tribulation begins!
Do you think that Billy Sunday, Moody, Jones, Hutson, Rice and Ironside ALL were wrong?
I think these were some of the greatest men of God in the past 150 years, and they ALL believed in a pre-tribulation Rapture! Harry A. Ironside, John R. Rice, Jack Hyles, Bob Jones Sr., Lee Roberson, Oliver B. Greene, R.A. Torrey, Dwight Moody, Lester Roloff, Curtis Hutson, Billy Sunday, W.A. Criswell, Charles C. Ryrie, Raymond Barber and others all concluded and taught a Pre-tribulation Rapture of the saints! Were they all wrong about what the Bible says? I do NOT think so!
Read what Evangelist Billy Sunday said in his classic sermon, “The Second Coming Of Christ”.
The Lord does not come to the Earth at the time of the Rapture, He only reveals Himself to the TRUE members of His Body . . . those who POSSESS Christ in their heart . . . not those who simply PROFESS Christ with their mouth and live a life of the devil’s child (1 John 3:10). At the time of Jesus’ resurrection, He was seen only by those who had faith and believed in Him. Pilate and the High Priest, and those who crucified Him, did NOT know that He was risen. So too, it will be at the time of the Rapture. The world will not know that He has been here, and will have no knowledge of Him until He comes with the members of His Body, at the close of the Tribulation.


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