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The God of Talking Donkeys and Red Cows

Our awesome Creator God has used humble animals to fulfill His purpose throughout human history. He made garments of skin to cover Adam and Eve’s nakedness (Gen.3:21), He opened the mouth of a donkey carrying a pagan prophet (Num.22:27-30), He selected a great fish and a lowly worm to teach Jonah eternal lessons (Jonah 1:17; 4:7), and He arranged that the foal of a donkey, the honor of carrying Jesus into Jerusalem (Mat.21:2-6). And dear one, our Lord Jesus shall return to Earth mounted on a beautiful white horse (Rev.20:11). And I also believe it shall be soon, that a cow will once again play an important role in the actions intended by our Almighty God.

All those who believe God’s Word and the Prophecies declared in it, know that a red heifer will be sacrificed and that the Third Temple shall be built. In will take place in the fullness of time, when God is ready, on His calendar, not ours (2 Pet.3:8). Those prophesied historic events shall bring forth a time of Great Tribulation (Mat. 24:15-21) for the Jewish people. Only when they have come to the end of themselves will they cry out, Baruch Haba B’shem Adonai . . . “Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the LORD!” Then Christ Jesus shall return to Earth in GREAT glory and power, ascend the mountain of the LORD (Zec.14), and reign from the throne of David.

End Time Prophecy of the Red Heifer

Red Heifer Prophecy

Red Heifers Arrive in Israel




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The BIBLE has the answer