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Some sobering statistics:

  • Children are watching violence at a rate like NO other generation in history.
  • Violence has increased 720% since 1982.
  • Films "create" violence far more horrific than is found in reality. Constant exposure to violence creates an insensitivity to violence in reality.
  • NO other generation in the history of mankind has received most of their 'socialization' from a machine.
  • TV and movies are teaching young minds some BAD stuff: nothing is off-limits: sex outside marriage, euthanasia, homosexuality, abortion, drugs, child abuse, alcohol consumption, rape, murder, and now cannibalism.
  • America has the MOST violent TV and movie programming.
  • Both children and adults have trouble telling the difference between reality and illusion after continued, long-term exposure to TV and movies.
  • Murder, rape, and assault are over 300% higher than any previous generation.
  • Sexual violence is very popular in music and movies.

Americans developed a mind-set that is COMPLETELY OPPOSITE to what the Bible teaches? It seems that we have silently passed an amendment to the sixth (Biblical) Commandment: Thou shalt not kill . . . BUT it is perfectly A-OK to watch other kill. I will name just one example. The Oscar-winning movie, "Silence Of The Lambs" portrays a homosexual who is sexually perverted and a cannibal. Movie "critics" highly acclaimed this movie, and people viewed it by the millions.

It is NO wonder that America has unprecedented murder and sexual abuse! People are simply acting out in real life what they have been watching for years.

Young children have had a steady diet of violence, murder, sex, and sexual violence, and this brings about two things:

#1. They are desensitized to violence and suffering that they just do NOT feel any emotion or remorse for his/her crimes. When they were commit murder, they felt no different than if they were stepping on a cockroach.

#2. They become obsessed with death, especially violent and gruesome death. For years, we have seen this obsession with death revealed in Rock Music. Now it is seen in trading cards. YES! Cards patterned after baseball cards. These new cards are Mass Murderer/Serial Killer trading cards. (Rush Limbaugh program, 4/21/92). These cards list all the crimes which the murderer had committed, in explicit, gory detail which would make any normal person vomit.

WHY should we be surprised? People move toward that which they repeatedly picture in their minds. Proverbs 8:36 But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death. (KJV)

WHY should we be surprised . . . when the goal of the New World Order is to reduce the world's population by 4 billion people? New Age writings make it very clear that anyone who does not worship "Maitreya the Christ" will be killed. Maitreya the Christ is the Antichrist! Some New Age authors have threatened atomic war against any nation who does not worship Maitreya. This planned annihilation adds up to a far greater holocaust than Hitler ever imagined. It seems quite logical to me that Satan would need a large army of men and women who would either actively support such mass murder OR who would just sit by, doing nothing, and let it happen.

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