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God Cannot Lie

Judgments of God Shall Be Accomplished

People have totally misunderstood the way that God works in the world . . . both in the Old Testament, and in today’s world, so they certainly will misunderstand the judgment to come as prophesied in the Book of Revelation. He brought about judgment to Israel and Gentile nations and to individuals in the Old Testament. WHY? His judgement is ALWAYS right and just and it is ALWAYS against nations and individuals that CHOOSE to do evil.

God created and wanted, a world that is good. Violence and evil came into the world when human sin set free the demonic forces to do their wickedness, way back in the Garden of Eden. Sin and evil spiritual forces are the source of hatred, wickedness and violence, but if we think about it, God has not left them unrestrained. His judgment is a significant restraint on evil. God is a God of judgment. Evil people and wicked nations are eventually destroyed. God intervenes directly to make sure that judgment occurs. God controls all judging Himself. We can never understand all the factors that surround the actions of a nation . . . or an individual, so we can never decide when a nation . . . or a person needs or deserves judgment. And we CANNOT decide when more mercy might give the nation or person the chance to repent. Judging a nation or a person requires enormous wisdom and knowledge, and that in my humble opinion must be left to the all-wise God.

God sometimes uses a wicked nation to execute judgement on another. For instance, the Medes and Persians were used to bring judgment against Babylon. We should be glad that God judges wickedness, because it limits the damage that evil people can do. If wickedness were not subdued by God, life on Earth would be horrendous. God’s judgment insures that evil is continually brought down to size, and is the only thing that gives peace a chance. God's judgment on Israel came down hard on them at times, because they did not follow His ways, BUT when they repented and turned from their wicked ways, He graciously forgave them, and restored them both to the land as well as in His favor. They did not keep the covenant they had agreed to with God at Mt. Sinai. God kept His part of the bargain, and the law itself was holy, just, and good. It was Israel who failed to live up to what they had agreed. See: Ex. chapters 19-32.

We see many cases in the Bible where God does bring calamity upon a nation or a person who has been disobedient to Him. Some times when we are guilty, God may withhold judgment until a later time . . . or we may receive temporal judgment in this world right now at His Hands. This may be true for individuals but also for nations. The USA has certainly strayed from God in a massive way. We no longer have prophets bringing us warnings of God's judgment . . . BUT . . . we DO have the Bible! And we know that NO nation or person is ever exempt from the judgment of God when they turn their backs on Him. This web site will hopefully show that.

Can God lie? NO way! When God speaks, His Words will be fulfilled to the letter! In the Old Testament, God brought severe judgments against Israel and other nations through catastrophic events. Does He still do this? Is God still the God of the O.T.? Any time that God used a natural disaster as a judgment in the Old Testament, it was due to His Holy and righteous WRATH against the people’s sin. The Bible reveals to us that it WAS God's Hand that brought about the calamity, and also WHY He did it! Today, we see people suffer from hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts in one place and floods in another place. People say: “It’s Mother Nature.” I truly believe . . . I KNOW . . . that it is this SAME God of the Old Testament . . . the eternal and Creator God, the ONLY Almighty God who is still bringing about these “judgments” due to people’s unchecked sin! The natural disasters should be a wake-up call to people . . . but they are paying NO attention to Him, whatsoever! See: Mat. 24.

God Cannot Lie

Judgments of God Shall Be Accomplished

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The BIBLE has the answer